changes in 2016

  2015 2016
To schedule delayed game
  1. Double header can be held when needed,
    if the game is delayed due to rain or other reasons.
  1. Monday game and Double header can be
    held when needed, if the game is delayed due to rain or other reasons.
The official match
  • - Use official balls passing KBO’s inspection
  • - Home team purchases official balls and provides for a match
  • - Referees to inspect, a baseball team manages baseballs during game
  • - Use the official balls chosen by KBO
  • - After referees unseal and inspect the balls,a baseball team manages the balls during game
  • - Unsealed but unused balls will be used for a next game after a referee seals them again
Cancellation of game
in relation to fog
and fine dust
  • When watches of yellow-dust, gale and heat wave are issued, a Match Operation Officer checks out with the local Meteorological Agency, and a referee and match manager will decide together in accordance with the condition of the venue
  • Watch for fog and fine dust added
Clause to protect
from a Homeplate
  • - A runner trying to score cannot get out of the straight running lane toward the homeplate to make a physical contact with a catcher, or cannot try to make the physical contact in an avertible case. In the event of a breach, the runner is out
  • - A catcher cannot block the running lane of a runner who tries to score except when the catcher holds a ball.
The extension of
instant replay
  • - Instant replay triggers
  • ① Home run
  • ② Fair/Foul of Outfield bat
  • ③ Out/Safe in Force/Tag play
  • ④ Fielder’s Catch (Including Foul-tip)
  • ⑤ Hit by pitched ball
  • - The opportunity of instant replay
  • ① Home run
  • If the initial call has been turned over upon the initial request of instant replay one more chance is added, but if not an additional request is not permitted.
  • - Instant replay trigger list added
  • ⑥ Batter’s Foul/Swing and miss
  • (Including when a hitter gets hit by a bat in a batter’s box)
  • ⑦ Clash at Home plate
  • - The extension of opportunity of instant replay Two times of opportunities, regardless of whether the referee's irreversible
  • [Additional] if more than 2 controversy about the play in one situation, less than two even in play of decision requests available. At this time, each about the play of the opportunities it is assumed to be used by manager. Request for a decision of two play is progressing at the same time.
The extension of
period for waiver
It ends on 24th July
  • It is open until the last day of regular season, but a player,who transfers for waiver, cannot play for post season matches.
Abolition of
negotiation period
between FA player
and the team
A player negotiates with his team first for 7 days after an announcement of FA approved players. A player can negotiate with all teams(include overseas teams) after an announcement of FA approved players.
Compensation for
acquisition of
FA player
  • - Protected players of 20: Players who joined military service; FA players on that year; foreign players are not included.
  • * If a FA player makes a contract after 1st February
  • - Protected players of 20: Players who joined military service; FA players in that year; foreign players; rookies
  • (players in a development team) in that year are not included.
[Additional] Players, who transfer as FA compensatory players in the last year, are not included in protected players of 20 in this year.
Neutral matches in
Korean Series
Match between Clubs which own ballpark with capacity of 20,000 will be held at Jamsil as a neutral match Non Neutral matches in Korean series
regulation for
overtime of KBO
wildcard match-up
- Regarding games went into extra time, if a club in fourth place in regular season is decided to advance in the first half of 15th inning, the club in fifth place do not play second half of 15th inning. When the club in fourth place makes scores even or more while the club in fifth place leading, the game ends regardless of the out count.
National duty to
- Player who benefited from military service by participating on behalf of the nation must be participate international competition for after 5 years.
In violation of a
down payment
Sanctions against clubs which pay players a deposit with violation of regulation 81 and 82 The governor deprivates that club’s
KBO Futures
  • Three League
  • - Northern League: Police, LG, kt, Doosan
  • - Central League: Hanhwa, SK, Hwasung Goyang
  • - Southern League: Shinhyup Sangmu, Samsung, Lotte, KIA
  • Two League
  • - Northern League: Police, SK, LG, Doosan, Hwasung, kt, Goyang
  • - Southern League: Sangmu, Samsung, NC, Lotte, KIA, Hanhwa
League Schedule
  • - Total 612 Games / 102 Games per team /204 Games per League
  • - 18 Games vs teams in same league
  • - 6 Games vs teams in other league (Inter-league)
  • - Total 576 Games / 96 Games per team
  • - 12 Games vs teams in same league
  • - 6 Games vs teams in other league (Inter-league)
restrict in a
- Player, who are limited to play games due to restriction from KBO or team; and players who have joined Police and Sangmu within the condition of which they have never joined KBO teams after they played abroad are limited to play in the Futures League.