about kbo

KBO(Korea Baseball Organization) Key Activities

- Administration of Korean Professional Baseball

- Official Host of KBO Regular season, All-star Game, and Post-season games

- Collection, research and analysis of league records and related documents

- Promotion of international baseball events

- Support the development of youth and amateur baseball

- Development and distribution of baseball-related technologies

- Welfare, reward and punishment of members

- Communication within members

- Establishment and management of baseball museums, libraries,
  and baseball centers

- Publications of KBO Official Year Book and other official publications

- Accounting and Financial management of Korea Baseball Organization (KBO)

- Other relevant KBO Businesses

Sponsorship Business

- Naming rights management (including title sponsor)

- Administration of KBO official partners

Licensing and Integrated Merchandising Business

- KBO Licensing business and integrated merchandising business
  (caps, apparel, accessories, etc.) based on authorized rights
  from KBO teams.

Broadcasting Rights Business

- Management of broadcasting rights and contracts regarding TV, internet,
  mobile devices and other media.